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         Aberdeen, MD 21001
Tel:   (410) 272-1818
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Mon - Thu : 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Fri - Sat : 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
Sunday : 12:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Full Set Liquid Gel$45Full Set Liquid Gel$45

Full Set Liquid Gel Pink & White $50
Fill In Pink & White Liquid Gel $40
Fill In Pink Liquid Gel $30
Full Set Liquid Gel $45
Natural feel of the nails with no chemical involved in the process. Always look nice, shiny, and water resistance for those who wash their hands a lot.
Liquid Gel Fill In $45
Every 2-3 weeks touch up. Fill in the back part of the new grown nails.
Pink & White Full Set 50%
The permanent way to a chip free french manicure. Pink & White full Set consist of 2 tone powder with the white powder to form the white tips of the nails and a natural pink base for the back part of the nails to give that perfect natural french manicure look.
Pink & White Fill In
Pink Fill In $25
Pink natural base that fill in the new grown out nails.
Pink & White Fill In 40%
Fill in both the white tip of the nails and the natural pink base of the grown out nails.
Solar Nails Full Set $35
A strong and get very flexible substance that give you a natural pink glow. Thin and alway shiny to give you that constantly new look everyday but never turn yellow and dull.
Solar Nails Fill In $25
Fill In back part of the new grown out nails
Get Powder Full Set $35
Alternative from the acrylic with just a high glossy shine.
Gel Powder Fill In $25
Every 2 weeks for the new nail growth.
Acrylic Full Set $30
A cheap alternative way to have fake nails
Acrylic Fill In $20
Every 2 weeks


Regular Pedicure $30
Basic maintenance of the feet. Trimming of your cuticle, cut down of the nails, shaping of the nails, and scrubbing on the bottom of your feet.
Deluxe Pedicure $40
To get yourself in a relax mood then this is for you. Your Pampering begin with our massage chair roller that relieved any back tension along with feet and legs massage throughout the process. Your feet and legs will get our special blend of lemon sen salt exfoliator that will exfoliate the unwanted dead skin to help rejuvenate young looking skin. During your treatment we use callus remover for that unwanted callus build up on your feet. It get better as your feet vegetate in our warm special blend of paraffin wax made from vitamin and oil extract for the perfect softoess your feet design as we paste your leg with our masque wrap in a warm towel. After your feet and leg is relax and rejuvenated you will enjoy your feet and legs massage to finished your relaxation.
Cumberstone Pedicure $60
This treatment will make you weak in the keeps with it amazing beneficial factor. You also get our special blend of coconut, walnut, milk base cream, exfoliator to remove your dead skin around your feet and legs that help rejuvenate and corten your legs. We also use ort callus remover to remove unwanted callus build up on your feet.Next we paste our masque on your legs weap with freshly slice cucumber around a nice warn towel to deeply penetrate the benefit of the cucumber to your skin for a better rejuvenating cell turn over rate. Last we indulge you in a bot stone massage for better circulation throughout your legs and feet for a less tiring feet.
Citra Pedicure $60
This top notch treatment all natural product not only excite your legs and feet but also your senses. Awake your body in this exotic pedicure with many benefit and experience the aroma therapy. With floral scented flower that is use along freshly slice lemon that help soften the feet with it acid lemon juice that penetrate deep in the skin. The special blend of botanical extract to make this masque unique penetrate deep in the skin combine with freshly slice oranges. The warm towel wrap help release the citrus neid from the oranges to polish away your legs from dry, rough, and damage skin that promote smooth, silky, young looking legs. Lastly your legs and feet will be indulging in a hot stone massage for your relaxation.


Eyebrows $10
Upper Lip $7
Chin $10
Whole Face $30
Half Arm $20
Full Arm $30
Haft Legs $25
Full Legs $45
Arm Pit $15
Bikini $35
Brazilian $50
Men Chest $30 Up
Men Back $45 Up


Basic Facial $45
Aene Facial $55
Help to reduce blemish aene break out/oil shine treat current aene and refine skin pores
Special Cellular Facial $65
We use state of the art cellular matrix formulas to give you a radiance healthier, younger looking skin, from deep within. $45